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  • Propulsion Centric Design

    Fly longer, Fly quieter, Fly safer.

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    At UAPS we envision UAV's will become indispensable tools for society.

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UAPS is seeking to revolutionize UAV's, more commonly known as drones, through development of new propulsion systems. This approach contrasts to competitors focused on software development.

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Design - Build - Test

We are currently in production of our propulsion test stand. We intend to be able to test engine concepts, make design tweeks, and quickly re-test. Allowing us to gather large quantities of data and make rapid pivots in design without needing to waste resources in flight tests.

Coming soon - see the UAPS test stand.

Packed Full of Powerful Features

We are currently in the patent application stage. Following patent filing this section will highlight the features of our design that helps to acheive a longer flight time, reduced noise, and improved safety.

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